The Galactic Liberation Front (GLF) is a fictional organization in the epic space adventure Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart.

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The Dynamite Twins were celebrated as a voice among the people of Earth, and they served as a bridge to unite all animals, including humans.

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Further information: Ghosts of Earth

Before there was a Front, there was the First Star Fleet. Their mission was to return to Earth. This fleet, including Spaceship Ghost, was hailed as part of a legacy for many years.

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In the Midori Empire, one of the Midori Numbers decided to defect from Her Majesty's ruthless clutches after seeing her true intentions for the universe.

Inspired by the First Star Fleet that came before his time, as well as the Dynamite Twins' intent on protecting the values of every living being, he started the Galactic Liberation Front. He eventually gained the name of the Rebel Leader.

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