Jacob "Jake" Elmer (Born November 23 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona) is a cartoonist, story writer, and punk rock guitarist, who created and developed Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart, and the Tails from the Federation franchise as a whole, with Craig Black, Elizabeth Mogan, and Jordann Edwards.

​Work in the Tails franchiseEdit

Aside from being the brand manager and executive lead artist for the franchise, he is also the creator of The Lumarions with Joey Carlon.

After Edwards ceded creative control of the franchise, Jacob gained significant prominence.

Characters Edit

Story ideas Edit

  • Jacob had pitched an idea to Craig about a potential episode call Runaway Train. How ever despite revising the story so hard to make it interesting, the episode was shelved and never saw the light of day, much to his dismay.

Other works Edit

  • Jacob is the creator of a black comedy/gag a day webcomic known as A Furry Future which is frequently updated on Tumblr.
  • He's a member of the Critterton Parliament, and a regular contributor of The Dynamite Twins and Friends franchise.
An Artist Creates

Illustration of Jacob.

Trivia Edit

  • Jacob's art style was influenced by the works of Mark Alexander Smith (also known as FreyFox) who is well known for being the head artist for the Space Gypsy Adventures the cartoonist for the Transmission webcomic, as well as Eric W. Schwartz, the influential creator of the long running comic, Sabrina Online. 
    • Jake is also a fan of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Jake's favorite characters are a tie between Alaisdair, and Leslie.
  • Among his other interests are railroads and firearms (knowledge of the latter plays a big part in Jake's contributions to the series).
    • Because of his interest in firearms, Jake is extremely supportive of the 2nd amendment and pro gun rights. Revolvers being his personal favorite firearm.
  • Aside from being a cartoonist/artist Jake is also an aspiring Rock musician, and has been playing guitar since the age of 15.
    • His main guitars are, a sun burst Stratocaster type electric guitar, and a mahogany acoustic guitar. (Considered his prized possession).
  • Jake is an avid fan of Heavy Metal music, as his favorite bands are mostly, Anthrax, Megadeth, High on Fire, GWAR and Pantera. Jacob also enjoys Punk Rock, specifically bands like, The Ramones, Bad Religion and Black Flag. '
    • Despite that, Jacob considers Country music legend, Johnny Cash as his main influence to become a musician.