Jordann William "JW" Edwards (born January 22, 1996 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is an artist and writer, best known for creating The Dynamite Twins and Friends.

Work in the Tails franchise Edit

As executive producer, he played an important role in the series by contributing his own art work and advertising the show on Facebook and Tumblr. He's also the co-creator of Bloody Cutlass, alongside his friend Elizabeth Mogan.

However, he has garnered significant criticism for his works and for not having any story in them; he was already in the middle of rewriting his own concepts.

In December 2017, he has decided to suspend creative involvement in the franchise, ceding control to Craig Black and Jacob Elmer; he now works on the TDT stories full-time.

Characters Edit

  • He and Elizabeth were instrumental in developing Darkblade as a character. This led to them developing a spin-off centered around him.
  • He also developed certain characters

Story Edit

Other works Edit

  • Aside from TDT, he's created Bunny and Bear, Fae of Avalon, and Dragon Mages, all of which are in the TDT-verse.


  • His favourite character in the SPCM series is Blackmask; his personal all-time favourite is Darkblade.
  • His other interests include collecting sports memorabilia, vehicles, train sets, and other media.
  • A general music lover, he and his parents have collections of vinyls and 8-tracks. Despite listening to hip hop and electronic dance music the most, his personal tastes are also towards some old-school funk, R&B, jazz, and country, with the occasional rockin' tuneage; he gets those tastes through his father and other relatives.
  • He considers himself a "mutt", as he embraces his multi-ethnic background - he has African, Native American (Cherokee), and Western European (French, Spanish, Irish, Scottish) ancestry.
  • He is the head of ColorWorld Productions, which he formed with Craig Black, Elizabeth Mogan, and others.