Learning The Ropes
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date October 9th 2015
Written by Craig Black
Directed by Craig Black
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Learning The Ropes is the second episode of the first season of the original story of Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart.

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The morning after his induction into the crew of the Stellar Typhoon, Alasdair Geddes goes through his first full day onboard the cruiser. After being woken up by Kyoko, and given a tour of the cruiser by Jaws, Alasdair is then visited by Jaws' husband Finbar, who has brought up both his personal possessions and the old transporter he used to live in.

Over lunch, Alasdair learns a little bit about Jaws' history with Finbar, and how they both came to become space pirates. However, they are soon interrupted by Commander Barratt, who threatens to destroy both Jaws and Finbar.

Jaws ends up battling with Barratt, but ends up accidentally knocking away Finbar's cruiser, the Stellar Monsoon. It's then that Alasdair has the idea of Jaws and her crew taking on Barratt in the Capital Fighters, while he and Finbar try and rescue the Monsoon with the Typhoon. Jaws agrees, and soon the Fighters are doing battle with the Oshan Akuma.

However, trouble is soon afoot. Kyoko's fighter ends up spiraling out of control into deep space. With Jaws and the others unable to rescue her, Alasdair decides to go out himself, using the old fighter Finbar had brought with him that morning.

Alasdair manages to rescue Kyoko, and brings her back to the Typhoon, meanwhile, Finbar has managed to rescue the Monsoon as well, and him and Alasdair rush to help Jaws and the others finish the battle. Commander Barratt sees that he is outnumbered, and has no choice but to retreat.

With the battle over, Jaws reveals to Alasdair that the old fighter was meant to go to him anyway, and that fixing it up will account for his training. Alasdair is pleased at this, but when Kyoko gives him a kiss for his troubles, he starts to worry about his promise to himself to keep their relationship strictly professional...

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  • Deep Space

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  • To date, this and Diamonds Drive A Raccoon To Dream are the only episodes to take place entirely in space, without any scenes set on a planet or moon.
  • Blackmask is depicted as being the main cook on the Stellar Typhoon, instead of Izzy Rozycki. This is because the episode was written before Izzy was created as a character.

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