Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart is an epic space opera comedy adventure based on characters created by Craig Black. It is set in the MajesticBlue Transmedia Universe, sharing continuity with The Dynamite Twins and Friends, Ghosts of Earth, and other franchises. The second season of the original story commenced on April 29th 2016, and ended on July 22nd of that same year.

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Additional Material Air Date
14 1 Return of the Green Fox Craig Black April 29th 2016
15 2 Death on Canopus III Craig Black May 6th 2016
16 3 The Prison of Last Resort Craig Black May 13th 2016
17 4 Commander Barratt's Promotion Craig Black May 20th 2016
18 5 Escape From Amesoko Craig Black May 27th 2016
19 6 Date Night At Tiree Outpost Craig Black Jordann Edwards June 3rd 2016
20 7 Song Of The Steam Age Hood-Cat Craig Black June 10th 2016
21 8 The Paint Job Craig Black June 17th 2016
22 9 The Air Battle Over Regent's Crossing Craig Black June 24th 2016
23 10 Thick-Skulled Takano Craig Black July 1st 2016
24 11 The Viking Raid Craig Black Joshua Sherwood (Story idea) July 8th 2016
25 12 Night Train To Glasmuir, Part I Craig Black July 15th 2016
26 13 Night Train To Glasmuir, Part II Craig Black July 22nd 2016

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