The Stellar Federation (also known simply as the Federation) is a fictional organisation from the epic space adventure Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart. It is notorious for being the most corrupt of the three factions.

Background Edit

The Terra Firma Federation was formed in London, England, to protect the values of planet Earth.

History Edit

The Terra Firma Federation and the White Moon Corps merged to become the Federation of Nations; the United Nations (among other organisations) were dissolved. The earliest light-speed travels occurred in the exploration pilot program by the Nations, which resulted in the colonisation of the Sirius System. With similar events occurring in other systems thereafter, they formed the Winter Hexagon Order.

After the Stellar Exodus, the Federation began to expand, first to the Sol System, and eventually through the entire galaxy. Many spaceships were built, including the Spaceship Ghost, which went down in history as a ship of legend and mystery.

By 2600, as the colonisation expands to deep space, the Federation of Nations evolves into the Stellar Federation. The Terra Firma name has been relegated to the Earth sector. Around the same time, due to a change in in leadership and ideologies, the Federation began its more aggressively rapid colonisation.

The break-away Edit

In the 28th century, a group of leaders, many of whom were descendants of the old Corps members, staged a revolt against the Federation. By 2776, this group broke away from the imperialists, forming the Independent Coalition of Stars.

Organization Edit

The central base of the Federation is in Greater London, England on planet Earth.

Society & Culture Edit

Stellar federation flag

The Flag of the Stellar Federation.

The Federation is

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  • The Federation was partially inspired by