Stones of the Cosmos symbol

The Stones of the Cosmos are five items that are first introduced in Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart, but are prevalent in the ColorWorld Universe as a whole.

Known history Edit

Not much is known about these Stones. What astronomers can decipher is that they were created during the formation of the Universe itself billions of years ago.

Matter, forces, and energy came together to form the astronomical objects (stars, planets, etc.) we know today; there are some remnants that created something unexpected - some energies became concentrated into "energy beings", whereas the remnants of the matter, forces, and energy were forged into five Stones.

Abilities Edit

Stones of the cosmos diagram 1
Each Stone has unparalleled powers, which, if fallen into the wrong hands, can be destructive.
  • The Stone of Possibilities has the power to alter reality, and defy any law of physics.
  • The Stone of Dreams lets anyone who looks at it relive their dreams. (When used in tandem with the Stone of Possibilities, it allows anyone to make their dream a reality.)
  • The Stone of Light brings forth light, but can also take light away, whether it be in one region, or an entire galaxy, or worse.
  • The Stone of Dimensions allows the user to transcend across space and time. By itself, you might end up in one point or random points in space and time; when used in tandem with the Stone of Possibilities, you can end up in as many places in the Universe at once.
  • The Stone of Control allows anyone to control, create, and even destroy, any and all matter. It is perhaps the most dangerous of all the Stones; prolonged exposure, particularly by a "mortal being", will result in them being blown up.