The Independent Coalition of Stars (ICOS; often shortened to the Independent Coalition, or simply the Coalition) is a fictional organisation from the epic space adventure Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart.

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In the beginning Edit

From the time of the Middle Ages, the White Moon Corps has been protecting the world from the forces that may harm it.

In the events of Brotherhood Legacy, the Dynamite Twins were drawn to a long-standing war, after which they decided not to join, instead opting to be peacekeepers on their own terms.

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History Edit

After the Stellar Exodus, there was a conflict as to how the colonies would be governed.

The Stellar Federation has grown in power, which has a select group of people concerned. Those people happen to be descendants of the members of the original Corps.

The opposing group, along with certain other groups, broke off and formed the Independent Coalition of Stars.

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The Coalition

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Independent coalition flag

The Flag of the Independent Coalition of Stars.

There is no official language of the Coalition,

Its motto, simul ut unum sumus (Latin for "we are together as one") was one of the de facto mottoes of the White Moon Corps. It was adopted as the Coalition's official motto.

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